Academic Year Fall 2017 Application Guide for International Students

Published: Wednesday, 01 March 2017

Important dates




March, 2017

Application and Deadline

March 20thto June 16th, 2017

Document review

Based on the monthly schedule set by Recruitment Committee



Deadline for supplementary documents

As the information on Acceptance Letter

Enrollment letter

August 20th to August 31st, 2017

Fall Semester

September, 2017


1. In order to successfully apply, please carefully read through each rule of this guide book.

2. Please make sure that you know every date of the application, or you may be late for the deadlines.

3. According to the regulation of Article 13 from Gender Equity Education Act, “The school shall not discriminate against a prospective student during recruitment or evaluation of applications for admission on the basis of his or her gender, gender temperaments, gender identity or sexual orientation. With the approval of the competent authority, this requirement will not apply to schools, classes and curricula with a specific historical tradition, special education objectives, or other reasons unrelated to gender,” any violation to this regulation during recruitment or evaluation of applications for admission should be reported to us. The website of the committee for Gender Equity Education is


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