2017 Spring, International Student Financial Aid Application

Published: Tuesday, 02 May 2017

Application deadline: 17:00, May 25th, 2017. Delayed submission or incomplete documents are not accepted.


1. Location of submission: International Corner, Division of International Students Assistance

2. Candidates and Conditions:

    (1) A financial aid is awarded to the foreign students studying at YunTech.

     (2) Requirement for Financial Aid

a. Undergraduates who enroll in at least nine credits hours per semester, have a minimum average score of 80 on courses in the first semester, and have conduct record over 82.

b. Graduates who at least enroll in a course in the first semester, have a minimum average score of 85 on courses in the first semester, and have behavior record over 82. For those who are doing their doctoral dissertation or Master’s thesis and have no grade record of the last semester, a scholarship application can also be undertaken by submitting the advisor’s recommendation letter and thesis writing plan within the appointed deadline. The submitted thesis writing plan should include at least a research motive and purpose, research structure, resources of information collection, outline of the thesis, bibliography, and so forth. The application can be presented only once for those who study for master and doctoral degree.  

c. Recipients are not allowed to receive any other scholarships from government organizations at the same time.

d. The financial aid is not applicable to students who postpone graduation.

3. Required Documents:

   (1) Completed application form (click to download)

   (2) Transcript of previous semester (Undergraduates shall provide ranking.)

   (3) Photocopy of student ID (With registration stamp attached.)

   (4) Photocopy of certificates of extra-curricular or student club activities

   (5) Photocopy of bankbook (If you haven’t submitted to school before.)



Contact Information:

Chang-Chi, Tsao, Assistant of Office of International Affairs. Ext. 2395/ Email: asfh@yuntech.edu.tw