Outbound Exchange Program Application for Spring 2019

Published: Monday, 20 August 2018

Outbound Exchange Program Application for Spring 2019

  1. The application for outbound exchange program for Spring 2019 now is open to register, please collect all the enquired documents and submit to International Corner by 17:00 PM, Oct 5, 2018.
  2. Please click to download for the list of partner universities and students numbers intake.
  3. Required Documents:

1. Check list

2. Applicatino Form

3. Photocopy of Student ID card

4. Photovopy of ARC

5. Declaration from Parents

6. CV

7. Autobiography

8. Study Plan

9. Enrollment Certificate

10. Transcript (with class ranking)

11. Language Proficiency Certificate

12. Financial Statement (only for those who apply for Japanese Partner Universities)

13. Certifications for Other Capabilities (issued from recent 2 years)

14. fill out the on line system: http://oia.yuntech.edu.tw/noiadbsys/ExchStudents/OutBound/registrationForm.php

(The application will be regarded uncompleted if applicants do not fill out the on line form)


  1. YunTech will review your application first to see if you are selected and nominated. So please do not do any application procedure to partner universities system.
  2. International Students can’t apply to your origin countries.


Office of International Affairs

Contact: 05-534-2601 ext.2393

E-mail: tdi@yuntech.edu.tw