Dean, Dr. TSENG, Shi-Chang

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA

+886-5-5342601 ext. 2380, 4146 

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech), is a young but leading university in Taiwan and has three educational and developmental goals: Internationalization, electroniclization, and industrialization. The first goal, as indicated, is "Internationalization" which is to raise global awareness on campus and create an environment that is international in character – in teaching, in research and in outreach

To raise global awareness on campus, a host of improvements have gradually been established, Bilingual signs on campus, employing international, visiting scholars, offering prerequisite Chinese Courses, promoting lectures in English in all flieds, and other various paths have been pursued to internationalize YunTech's campus. All these foregoing actions expose students to knowledge about and from different parts of the world and prepare them to communicate and work with people from other cultures and countries.

To create an environment that is international in character – in teaching, in research and outreach, many international exchanges and cooperation with overseas counterparts have been under way. Initiatives such as building overseas partner universities relations, conducting bilateral co-research projects, offering exchange programs for students and scholars, and promoting mutual visits of educational personnel and scholars have been taken to enhance reciprocal relationships and development among YunTech and overseas universities. As of July, 2016, we have had 94 academic exchange agreements in 14 countries and regions, partnership agreements with 218 universities in 27 countries and regions

With this successful improvements, the OIA is determined to establishing and launch to the next level by setting up several principal goals:

  1. Expanding the number of partner universities with reciprocal student exchanges and adding approximately 5 partner universities with researcher exchange agreements
  2. Achieving and maintaining a ratio of international to non-international students of 1.7%
  3. Sending over 100 students abroad annually including short-term stays.

Ultimately, we hope to turn YunTech into a university with an international, open campus in teaching, in research, in outreach where students and scholars from all over the world will be found.