OIA consists of 3 divisions – Division of International Administration, Division of International Exchange and Collaboration and Division of International Students. OIA now is divided into 2 working locations. The Division of International Administration is on the 3rd floor of Administrative Building. The Division of International Exchange and Collaboration and the Division of International Students locate in International Corner.

Our staff is professionally trained to provide information and counseling to local and foreign nationals about academic exchange, bilateral co-research, inter-university agreements, immigration, or legal issues, as well as issues of cross-cultural adjustment while studying abroad. Click one of the divisions to get more information about them.

 Dean, Dr. TSENG, Shi-Chang
 Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

 Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA


 +886-5-5342601 ext. 2380, 4146


 Deputy Dean &Division Director, Dr. NIEN, Yu-Hsun

 Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

 Ph.D. in Material Science & Engineering, Drexel University, USA

 +886-5-5342601 ext. 2381, 4611