Division of International Education takes charge of comprehensive affairs, international academic meetings, establishment and updates of school internationalized data statistics, international academic exchange and collaboration, academic exchange and collaboration with mainland China, reception of guests from areas of mainland China, annual exchange plans for going to mainland China, affairs of international students from mainland China. 

Location: 3rd floor, Administration Building

Deputy Dean &Division Director, Dr. NIEN, Yu-Hsun

 Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

 Ph.D. in Material Science & Engineering, Drexel University, USA

 +886-5-5342601 ext. 2381, 4611


Secretary, Mr. SHEN, Yi-Liang


+886-5-5342601 ext. 2381


 Specialist, Ms. LIN, Hsin-Yi (Christine)


 +886-5-5342601 ext. 2383

Job Responsibilities:

 Integrated Administrative Affairs
♦ Subsidies for International Activities from YunTech
♦ Subsidies for International Activities from National Science Council
♦ Subsidies for International Activities (PhD., & Graduate Student) from MOE
♦ Related Law and Regulations
♦ Dubsidies from Ministry of Education
♦ General Affairs for Academic Cooperation of China
♦ Exchange Students Affairs of China
♦ Statistics of Internationalization of YunTech
♦ General Affairs for Internationalization Committe Property Management



 Project Assistant, Ms. LEE, Tz-Rung (Eve)


 +886-5-5342601 ext. 2384

Job Responsibilities

♦ Project affairs for cross-strait
♦ Other General Affairs