Division of International Students is responsible for new students' arrival report, recruiting school buddy for airport pick-up, accommodation arrangement, school mailbox, single portal service network, dormitory network, new students' data, registration photocopy, arrangement for new students' health check-ups, follow-up affairs after registration, new students' arrival and departure, new students' working permits, activities, international students (overseas Chinese students, foreign students, exchange students) daily-life assistance, giving guidance for club of overseas students, medical insurance, scholarship and grants, revising international students' manual, and system of information management for foreign students. 

Location: International Corner Office 


Division Director, Dr. HSIEH, Tzyy-Liang
Assistant Professor, Department of Creative Design
Ph.D. in Urban Design, University of Liverpool, U.K.


+886-5-5342601 ext. 2391, 6424


Specialist, CHUANG, Fei-Ju (Faye)


+886-5-5342601 ext. 2394


Li Pei-Hua


Specialist, LI, Pei-Hua


+886-5-5342601 ext. 2395

 Job Responsibilities:

♦ Arrival Report of International Freshman
♦ Arrange for the accommodation and airport pick-up service
♦ Applying from Extension of Visitor Visa
♦ Applying for Work Permit
♦ Applying for Alien Residence Certificate (ARC)
♦ ARC Extension
♦ National Health Insurance
♦ Scholarship and Grand-in-aid for Internatioanl Students
♦ Taiwan Scholarship from MOE
♦ Taiwan Felloships and Scholarships from MOFA
♦ Activities from International Students
♦ International Students Counseling