Thank you for your interest in pursuing an exchange opportunity with National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech)! YunTech values the many partnerships we have with overseas institutions and the mutual benefit drawn through student mobility as well as faculty and staff exchange.

An incoming "exchange student" by definition is a non-degree seeking exchange student who will maintain student status while in YunTech. Establishing and maintaining student status means that a person must be formally admitted to a program of study by YunTech, which most often is admission to an undergraduate and graduate non-degree seeking program of study. Students could apply for the programs requested by their home institution or their aspirations.

In principal, YunTech accepts "Nominated Students" by its partner universities under an active Inter-University exchange agreement on the reciprocal basis. Only after being formally admitted is a student eligible to receive a visa document to apply for a resident's visa.

For all information about Yuntech and what you can expect please check our admitted students tap under international admissions