The campus of Yuntech provides the students the opportunity to have different activities. The university has a great number of student clubs. There are clubs for different sports, music and a lot more.
There are three coffee shops, two restaurants, and one convenient store on campus. In addition to on-campus restaurants, tons of shops or restaurants are around campus within walking distance. Thus, finding meals is quite easy and accessible
Eight Spots of Yuntech 
YunTech has several squares, such as dormitory B.B.Q. space, the Rotary Park Water,Tower square, YunTech Lake, and Humanity College Grassland. Besdies, Yun Yong Ba Fang, grassland, Bell Tower, Lotus Pond, Yun-Meng Lake, Fu-Lun Park, Guan-Yun Tower, Long -Tan Art and Cultural Square all together are called eight spots of YunTech. Walking on the widespread college is just like visiting a large park.
Electronic Information Facilities
A total length of twelve kilometers of optical fibers has been laid out through on-campus offices, study rooms, labs, and housing units networked. This provides students and faculty members with access to the database for teaching, research and administration from the PCs in any part of the campus.
Health Service
A spacious health center with the best equipment is provided to take care for students' health. Seminars and consultation services are conducted regularly to develop students'sense of health care and industrial safety.
Student Counseling Service 
Counseling programs are offered to assist students in their personal, social, educational, and career development. The provided services include individual counseling, group counseling, psychological testing, career guidance, seminars, and consultation. 
Library and Bookstore 
The library mainly supports and assists teachers as well as students of the university in teaching, learning, and researching. Devoted to providing readers with a spacious, warm and comfortable environment for knowledge pursuit, the library focuses on a reader-based service and offers high-quality personal information service. It also conducts various extension programs and activities, which symbolizes itself as an excellent place for life-long learning where diverse and integrated service is offered.
The library has a total floor area of 16,571 m2 (180, 468 ft2) and approximately 1,500 seats for reading and studying. The entire library is equipped with wireless Internet devices, various data banks for teaching and research, abundant books and electronic resources, multimedia audio-visuals and a rich collection of authentic works by esteemed artists. Undoubtedly, the library has become technological and humanistic.
The library currently has a collection of more than 592,000 volumes/articles. It will keep increasing the volume of professional books or articles of various areas, thus promoting the quantity and quality of both print and digital collections.