National Yunlin University of Science & Technology is located in Douliou City of Yunlin County of Taiwan. This area is the subtropical climate and the annual mean temperature is around 23℃. About the temperature change cycle, the temperature rises gradually to above 20 in March and April, and the highest temperature is around 30-38in July and August. The temperature decreases progressively to below 20from October to December.  

Douliou City is a hillside region so the temperature variation is great and obvious, especially the day and night temperature difference. Our city is suitable for any economical activity and agricultural product because our city is far away from the sea, slightly affected by the northeast monsoon in winter, and the high temperature in summer and rainfall in winter. The mainly rainfall comes from typhoon and tropical rain in June, July, and August. The low and dry temperature is from last December to last February, which is called the drought time. The relative humidity is between 80~83%, and the average annual rainfall is 1500~2000 Millimeter.