There are several scholarship opportunities for students that want to study in Yuntech. Taiwan has several Scholarships opportunities for future students. Every year Yuntech offers Tuition Waivers to promising students and supplies financial support it's current students. To get the full information about the different scholarships and financial support please follow the links below to find out how to apply and whether you are eligible.
Scholarships and Support
Financial Aid (PDF)  -  Financial Aid (Application Form)
South East Asia Scholarship
Taiwan Scholarship  -  Taiwan Scholarship (Application Form)
The Southern Sunshine Scholarship
YunTech Scholarship for International Students (PDF)
Outstanding Graduate Overseas Chinese Students Scholarships


Q1: When are scholarship applications available?
A1: After we got the official letter from the government organization or the institution, we will release the scholarship information for you to apply as soon as possible.
Q2: How do I know whether I am granted for the scholarship or not?
A2: You can check out our website's homepage. Once the scholarship is granted, we will post the awarded recipients' name list to the NEWS.
Q3: I am a foreign student studying in YunTech. What kind of scholarship can I apply?
A3: We provide plenty of scholarships for foreign students. Please visit our website and click the link "Scholarships." There are guidelines for each scholarship. Please follow the regulations and submit all the documents by the deadline.

Q4: How do I apply for the certificate of the scholarship?
A4: The International Students Assistance Division will make the scholarship certificate for recipients. Once the certificate is done, we will contact the recipients to the office to receive the certificate.

Q5: About how long will I get the scholarship?
A5: Once the scholarship is allocated, it will take around two weeks to transfer the money to your bank account.

Q6: If I want to apply for a scholarship, can I submit any document that is copied?
A6: All the documents you submit must be the original one, except when the guideline remarks that copied documents are accepted.

Q7:Where can I apply for a transcript?
A7:You may go to the Office of Academic Affairs to apply for your transcript, which is located at the first floor of the administrative building.
 If you have any question, please contact 05-5342601 Ext. 2395 E: (Ms, Tsao)