In order to attract outstanding teachers and students from around the world, YunTech signed a memorandum of agreement with 185 foreign universities from 22 countries with which it operates university-to-university exchanges. Among these 185 universities, 16 are from Project 985, which are universities accredited by both national and local governments in Mainland China and another 75 have signed student exchange programs with YunTech.

Through international exchanges and the recruitment of international students, YunTech has built a cooperation platform with universities in other countries. YunTech encourages its international students to connect their studies in their home country with studies in Taiwan by providing the undergraduate "2+2" (2 years of study in one's home country and 2 years in YunTech) and master's "1+1" (1 year of study in one's home country and 1 year in YunTech) joint degree programs.

Since the 2012 Academic Year, Fujian University of Technology in Mainland China has recommended nearly 300 students to study at YunTech. The enrollment rate of international students accounts for 5% of the student population, making YunTech truly globalized.